Once upon a time...

Ken's parents had unprotected sex in January of 1985 to celebrate the new year. Nine months later, a star was born (September 15th). It didn't take him long to realize that he had absolutely no athletic ability whatsoever. So in 2008 he began his comedy career in his hometown of Houston, Texas and quickly built a strong fan base. In 2012 he caught the attention of comedianTony Rock and was invited to feature for him on the road, whom of which Ken still travels with today.

In 2013 Mr. Boyd relocated to NYC where he currently resides and is a regular at quite notable comedy clubs such as "The Comic Strip Live", "Stand Up NY" & "LOL Comedy Club." In 2016 Ken made his television debut on the first season of Comedy Central's "Kevin Hart Presents: Heart of the City." In early 2018 he made his network debut on Fox's "Showtime at the Apollo" where he received a standing ovation. In late 2018 Ken clinched 2nd place in the 7th annual "Big Sky Comedy Festival." Mr Ken Boyd is the perfect combination of high energy intelligence and pure nonsense. Or as he

likes to call it "sophisticated ignorance."


The Ken Boyd Show - Intro
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